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BLACK BEAUTY VENTURES, born to gallop on water to a sustainable future

An Introduction to Floating Photovoltaics ("FPV")


Black Beauty Ventures' ("BBV") FPV  technology enables developers and property owners to use almost any internal body of water including water irrigation reservoirs, fish farms, hydroelectric dam reservoirs, effluent pools or almost any type of commercial or industrial reservoir as a host for a solar farm of almost any size. BBV's FPV transforms unused and wasted surface area into a revenue generating real estate while achieving potential synergies with the reservoir.

Proven Real World Experience and Success


BBV has installed dozens of megawatts of its patented flagship floating PV product in both fish farms and irrigation reservoirs combining BBV expertise in maritime engineering and the design and development of advanced composites capable of surviving and performing in the toughest environments. BBV has applied over a decades experience installing, maintaining and repairing FPV installations to design product that can deliver its designed performance in real world conditions over the life of the project.

Partnership With Palziv Providing Bankable Best Of Class Materials and Manufacturing

Black Beauty Ventures (BBV) has partnered with Palziv to  manufacture the most advanced commercially proven HEAVY-DUTY FLOATING PV SOLUTION available today made of cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foams. Palziv has a global manufacturing capability in Israel, the Americas and Europe.  Palziv’s manufacturing facility in North Carolina would enable US Developers to work towards qualifying for the domestic content requirements set in the Inflation Reduction Act.

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