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Products BBV has installed over 24 MW of projects and continues to grow its portfolio.

BB Tech FPV Advantages:



  • Based on Palziv’s solid cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene unsinkable floats.

  • The solid foam is not vulnerable to puncture damage and maintains buoyancy even if damaged.

  • Capable of “landing” on sandy floor and seamlessly continuing to operate in case a reservoir is drained and then seamlessly refloating and continuing to operate as the reservoir is refilled.

  • Aerodynamic design and independent floats enable the system to withstand winds of up to 40 meters per second (89 miles per hour). 

  • Minimum panel height of 20 cm (7.9 inches) above the water



  • On-site assembly line installation reduces shipping costs by enabling components to be efficiently packed, reducing the number of containers.

  • Assembly line installation reduces installation time by more than 25% compared to standard floating array systems.

  • Ability to place floats directly on the inner reservoir side wall enables BBV to offer 20%+ more capacity compared to other FPV offerings in a given reservoir footprint. 

  • Large panel racking enables the installation of 400 W to 670 W panels reducing the number of floats and installation time.

  • The system is panel agnostic, empowering EPCs and developers to work with any panel supplier (or balance of plant suppliers) they choose to work with.

  • Aerodynamic design increases the cooling effect, increasing panel production relative to other FPV offerings.

  • Stability and aerodynamic design enables BBV to optimize the panel angle for superior energy production relative to other FPV solutions.

  • Heavy duty maintenance platforms simplify project upkeep and maintenance.

Full Design & Engineering Support

  • BBV provides full design and engineering support based on unique expertise and real-word experience.


Open Water – Free Surface Flow & Unsinkable


Ability To Ground On Rocky Bed


High Tilt Angle

Heavy Duty Maintenance Platforms

Heavy Duty Platforms.png

Assembly Line Installation


Sidewall Mounting

Sidewall Mounting.jpg
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